Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning Rochester NY

Even if you practice diligent and thorough brushing and flossing every day, your mouth still harbors harmful bacteria. Only a qualified dental professional can clean away this bacteria to help maintain your oral health.

In order to prevent bacteria from causing gum disease and creating too much tartar, visit with Dr. Skeels for teeth cleaning in Rochester, NY.

The Cleaning Process

When you come in for a teeth cleaning at our Rochester, NY office, we use a number of instruments to get the job done. These include:
  • Ultrasonic instrument - This tool combines vibrations and a pressurized stream of water to remove tartar from each tooth's surface. 
  • Fine hand instrument - We use our fine hand tools, known as scalers or curettes, to remove bacteria deposits and make teeth feel smooth. 
  • Polishing instrument - The polishing tool consists of a small hand piece and a spinning rubber cup. Dental professionals put a polishing paste, which is similar to toothpaste, in the cup. The paste helps make your teeth shiny and smooth. 
  • Fluoride - Dental cleanings don't use fluoride for every patient. When we do use fluoride, we rely on the substance to strengthen your teeth since the bacteria we just removed can weaken them. Fluoride comes in various flavors, but you should not swallow the paste if possible.
Most people experience painless cleanings, but if you feel any discomfort just let your dental hygienist know. We can adjust tool settings or provide sedation dentistry options for patients with anxiety.

Our Accommodating Staff

Whether we've cleaned your teeth for years or this is your first time in our office, call us now at (585) 467-7000 for a professional and thorough teeth cleaning in Rochester, NY.

You can also contact us via our email, dskeels2@rochester.rr.com, or our contact form. We offer appointments from 7:30 AM to 5 PM Mondays through Thursdays.
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