Endodontics in Rochester NY

At the center of each of your teeth lies dental pulp, made up of cells and connective tissue. If a tooth's pulp becomes damaged, it causes throbbing pain that interrupts your daily life. When the pain in your mouth distracts you from everyday tasks, you need help from a dentist who offers endodontic procedures. 

At the dental office of Dr. David K. Skeels, we offer endodontics in Rochester, NY. We treat the damaged pulp inside your teeth to relieve pain and restore dental health.

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Your pulp can become damaged in several ways: decay from a cavity,a crack or chip in the tooth, or trauma from repeated dental procedures. When your pulp is damaged, inflamed, or infected, Dr. Skeels can restore the area through root canal treatment.

Dr. Skeels can examine your tooth through visual exams and x-rays to determine whether you require a root canal procedure. If you do, the root canal procedure will relieve your pain and discomfort and improve the health of your tooth.

Dr. Skeels and his staff take the following steps to treat your tooth:
  • We numb the tooth so you won't feel pain 
  • We use dental instruments to create an opening in your tooth 
  • We remove the damaged pulp 
  • We clean the inside of your tooth 
  • We seal the area with a rubber-like material 
  • We insert a crown to protect your tooth
The root canal procedure usually takes just one appointment. After the treatment, you can bite and chew as you normally do. Make sure to brush, floss, and visit the dentist regularly to prevent further problems with your teeth.

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If you feel pain or throbbing in your tooth or swelling and tender gums, call for an appointment for endodontics in Rochester, NY.

Call today for an appointment at (585) 467-7000. Dr. Skeels will be happy to answer your questions about endodontics in Rochester, NY.
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