Full & Partial Dentures in Rochester NYF

Sometimes gum disease and trauma can make you lose teeth. Fortunately, dentures from our Rochester, NY practice can recreate your smile and your bite. When you visit the dental office of Dr. Skeels, our team will craft full or partial dentures that fit your mouth perfectly.

Found out If Dentures Are Right for You

You've lost a few teeth, and you want your old smile back. You also want to bite into food confidently. So the time has come to explore dentures as an option for tooth replacement.

Hold on! Why can't you just get implants? You can. If you're only missing a few teeth or if you have strong gums, our team may recommend dental implants instead of dentures. However, for many people, tooth loss comes hand-in-hand with gum disease, making these patients poor candidates for implants.

If you've experienced gum disease or major tooth loss, dentures in Rochester, NY may represent the right solution for you.

When Full Dentures Are the Solution

Full dentures, also known as complete dentures, help patients who have lost all or most of their teeth. After we pull any remaining teeth, your gums need two to three months to heal. Then you can start smiling and biting with our customized full dentures. 

When Partial Dentures Make More Sense

Partial dentures may be the best solution for our patients who still have a significant number of their original teeth. We mount replacement teeth to a frame that you wear in your mouth like a retainer. Partial dentures effectively restore your smile and hold your remaining teeth in place. 

Book Your Free Initial Appointment

Ready to get back to eating and smiling as usual? Dr. Skeels and his team offer a free consultation and initial exam to new patients. If you need dentures in Rochester, NY, call us today at (585) 467-7000. We will help you determine which denture option works best in your situation. 
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