Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery Rochester NY

Dentists recommend oral surgery to solve a variety of problems. Babies may need surgery to repair a cleft lip or palate. For teenagers, oral surgery can remove wisdom teeth and prevent serious jaw issues. Seniors may require it to ensure their dentures fit properly.

No matter your age or situation, you can count on our team at Dr. David K. Skeels for oral surgery in Rochester, NY. We make sure our patients feel at ease throughout each procedure.

Reasons for Oral Surgery

Oral surgery at our Rochester, NY office can help you fix problems with individual teeth, your bite, or your jaw. Come to us if you experience:
  • Lost teeth: If you have lost one or more teeth, you'll want a replacement so you can speak, eat, and smile normally again. Dr. Skeels and his staff can replace your teeth with a dental implant and crown. The implant functions as the tooth's root, and the crown looks like your natural tooth.
  • Infected, overcrowded, or loose teeth: If a problematic tooth causes problems for the rest of your mouth, a tooth extraction may be the best option. Our staff ensures you feel as little pain as possible during and after the procedure.
  • Impacted teeth: Teeth that do not fully emerge cause pain and swelling and can even lead to infection. Wisdom teeth often fall under this category. Dr. Skeels can remove impacted teeth to prevent further dental problems. Even if your wisdom teeth have fully emerged, they may overcrowd your mouth and may still require removal.
  • Jaw and joint problems: Some people's jaws have grown improperly and affect their ability to swallow and breathe. Other people have a severe problem with a joint in the jawbone called the TMJ. Some jaw problems also prevent denture placement. Dr. Skeels and his staff may be able to correct these problems; if not, they can point you to someone who can.
Other reasons for oral surgery include cleft lip or cleft palate, fractured facial bones, or facial infections. If you suspect you need oral surgery in Rochester, NY for these or other reasons, talk to Dr. Skeels. Set an appointment today by calling (585) 467-7000
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