Orthodontics in Rochester NY

Want orthodontics in Rochester, NY? Start with your family dentist at Dr. David K. Skeels. Our staff understands the elements needed to create a truly beautiful smile.

While we do not provide patients with orthodontics in our Rochester, NY office, we do evaluate your or your child's bite and make recommendations based on what we see. We also connect you with some of the best orthodontists in the area when you're ready to pursue orthodontic treatment.

To help you learn more about orthodontics near Rochester, NY, we provide answers to several common questions below.

How Long Does Orthodontic Treatment Take?

Many patients would love to have a straighter smile, but worry about committing to the time orthodontia take to work. However, some of these patients overestimate the amount of time alignment requires.

Generally speaking, orthodontic treatment takes between one and two years. The variations in treatment duration come from several factors including:
  • Age and growth rate of patient
  • Patient compliance with treatment plan
  • Severity of correction needed

What Problems Can Orthodontists Correct?

Most oral misalignment falls under a few categories. While some of these types prove more difficult to correct, orthodontics can improve all of the following:
  • Bad bite: Also known as malocclusion, bad bite includes over and under bites.
  • Misalignment: Orthodontists primarily work with crooked teeth or teeth crowded too closely together.
  • Spacing: Whether you have missing teeth or gaps between teeth, an orthodontist resolves these spacing problems.
The type of oral problems orthodontists correct also depend on what method they use.

What Options Do Patients Have?

Orthodontists offer a range of correction methods depending on a patient's needs. Common methods include: 
  • Braces: Traditional braces consist of a metal bracket adhered to each tooth's surface and connected by arch wires. If you undergo treatment via braces, your orthodontist may also use dental springs, dental elastics, and removable external devices (headgear). Today, you may also choose ceramic brackets which more closely match the color of your teeth.
  • Clear aligners: Clear aligners include Invisalign. The clear aligners correct your bite gradually through a series of retainers. Each progressive retainer has a slightly different shape to alter the alignment of your teeth. After traditional braces, your orthodontist may create a clear retainer to help retain the changes made.

Whether you want to know your options for cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics, our Rochester, NY dentists can help you achieve your best smile. Contact us today and call (585) 467- 7000.

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