Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal Therapy Rochester NY

At Dr. David K. Skeels' dental office, our team provides periodontal therapy in Rochester, NY as part of our comprehensive dental care. No matter how severe your problem, we aim to help you each step of the way.

We Diagnose and Correct the Issue

When it comes to periodontal care, the first step is diagnosis, followed by treatment. Typically, gum disease has three basic stages of severity. The following list explains each one:

Gingivitis: Gingivitis is the earliest form of periodontal disease. You can identify it by gum irritation, tenderness,and bleeding. A buildup of plaque and other toxins in the mouth cause the problem. You can treat it with 2-3 professional cleanings, as well as by taking extra care of your teeth. With early care, you can keep gingivitis from worsening into periodontitis.

Periodontitis: Untreated gingivitis develops into periodontitis. As plaque hardens into calculus, it continues to build until the gums begin to recede from the teeth. Deep pockets form between the gums and teeth, which can fill with puss or bacteria. Our periodontal therapy in Rochester, NY treats the problem with a deep dental cleaning, along with medications and special mouthwash.

AdvancedPeriodontitis: In advanced cases, the gums can recede far from the teeth, with more puss and bacteria building in the pockets. If left unchecked, this will eventually cause tooth and bone decay. Dentists use a deep clean to treat advanced periodontitis, but it may also require surgical options to repair the teeth or underlying bone.

After your treatment, don't forget to maintain your teeth to prevent future problems. Visit your dentist twice a year and continue to brush, floss, and use mouthwash.

Your Comfort Is Our Goal

We want you to feel comfortable during your stay. Our relaxing environment and state-of-the-art technology helps you have a more rewarding experience at our office.

Since 1986, Dr. David K. Skeels and his team have worked to help thousands of patients. To become one yourself, call us at (585) 467-7000 for periodontal therapy in Rochester, NY.
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