Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy Rochester NY

The stigma surrounding root canals often creates anxiety and fear about the procedure. However, today the process is similar to a routine tooth filling and doesn't take any longer than one or two appointments, depending on the damage.

Our Procedure

We conduct the same procedure for each instance of root canal therapy. Our Rochester, NY office uses the following steps:
  1. Anesthesia - First, we numb your mouth. If the area exhibits acute inflammation, then it may need some time to go completely numb. But we won't start working on the tooth until the anesthesia takes effect.
  2. Dental dam- We place a dental dam over your mouth with a small hole for the affected tooth. This protects your other teeth, your gums,and your mouth so the diseased pulp doesn't infect them.
  3. Diseased pulp removal - We drill a small hole so that we have access to the diseased pulp. Then, with special instruments, we remove all the diseased and dead material. Because we have numbed the area, you feel no pain through this process.
  4. Root canal filling - After disinfecting and thoroughly cleaning the area, we fill the pulp chamber with the root canal fillings. The filling consists of a rubber-like material that can be heated and manipulated to fit the chamber exactly. Then we include a sealer to prevent the root canal from gathering bacteria.
  5. Access hole filling - Finally, we fill the access hole and take out the dental dam. Depending on the damage, we may also support and secure the structure with a post inside the tooth.

Our Office

If you or anyone in your family needs root canal therapy in Rochester, NY, resolve the issue and call us at (585) 467-7000. We also take appointments through email at or via our contact form.
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